Why Start a Blog? The Benefits and Introduction to Blogging
Why Start a Blog? The Benefits and Introduction to Blogging
I am of the opinion that everyone must take advantage of the potential blogging provides. Many people would immediately begin blogging without knowing what blogging actually is. In this article I hope that I can somehow, help inspire you to start blogging. There are many reasons for people to want to start an online blog. To find all the reasons is nearly impossible. In all reality, there are more than 150 million blogs out in the world and I'm betting that everyone has their own answer to"how do I get started? "why do you blog?" question. In this article I'll cover some of the best reasons to why you should begin blogging now and hopefully, you will be able to decide if blogging really is right for you. There are four main kinds of blogs. They are:
  • 1. Blogs run by companies - they are blogs created by a business who is selling a product or service to people. Most of the time, These types of blogs are used to send product or service updates to customers and are generally designed to establish trust with their customers. A good example of a company blog is the Google Blog which ranks 10th most popular blog on the planet (according to Technorati)
  • 2. Personal Blogs: These kinds of blogs are more like an online diary in which you record your daily life, and post your cat's photos and then share these updates with the world. (pretty exactly like how twitter and Facebook are utilized nowadays.) Visit:- https://wdxcyberstore.com/
  • 3. Blogs that Provide Value They are generally founded by one person and run by one. These are blogs that speak about relevant topics and have specific expertise. I.e. Problogger for blogging advice, Copy blogger for Copywriting, SEObook for SEO tips
  • 4. Automated blogs or fake blogs these are types of blogs I would not recommend but they're worthy of to be mentioned as there are literally millions of them out there. Automated blogs refer to blogs designed to scrape content from other blogs. What they basically do is take content from other sites and then publish it on their blogs in a way that is automated by using an autoblogging software. The owners of these websites makes hundreds of these but even when each is only earning $5 per month, they will make a tidy profit out of it.
A blog that is valuable is written with an 'underline' as that's the kind of blog that I suggest you create. So if you're looking for ways to earn money from spammy auto blogs which steals content from other blogs this article isn't appropriate for you. Instead, you'll be better off looking for information on one of those forums that have black hat rules. But if you're here to add value (and make money while doing it at least), Then this article might have everything that you'll require to answer the "Why should I begin an online blog?' question. There are four main types of blogs and the motivation behind them is: Profit Money is always a good Motivator , and I'm sure you've noticed the fact that most bloggers begin a blog with only the purpose of making money from it. Actually, (Although it doesn't sound good) I would not be blogging today if I didn't know I could make a profit out of it. Note:blogging only for money isn't something you'd ever want to do. Offering value should be the primary goal and something you should always keep in mind. below are a few examples of blogs that have been successful and were able to make their creators millionaires: 1. Johnchow.com Blog written by John Chow is a blog that earns over $40,000 per month. 2. Mashable.com is a blog operated by Pete Cashmore that's focused on the news on social media. It was revealed in an interview in the past that mashable has been earning upwards of $200,000 worth of monthly income. 3. Problogger.net The website Darren rowse, who is the creator of Problogger has never disclosed his exact earnings, but according to the number of his subscribers as well as his alexa stats, a decent $45,000 per month could be enough to suggest that his earning this big every month. of course, These blogs have been in operation for a long period of time and each of the owners had put hard work and effort to be the position they are now. (by the way, should you'd like to check out more blogs that makes money, you are able to find them by using your preferred search engine: "Top Money Making Blogs in the world") Although a monthly $40,000 income sounds great However, I'd advise you to target a more realistic earning first. $5,000 is an acceptable amount to aim for, and there are thousands of blogs earning this much. After you've reached that point but, the sky really is the limit. Present your skills Blogs are always an effective way to gain attention as an artist, designer, guitar tutor or even an Food Lover who writes about food. Whatever field your career is in, blogging will be always an effective way to get your name noticed. If you blog, you're offering value, and that means that you're showing your expertise in the eyes of everyone. Through blogging, I've been capable of sharing my knowledge about making money online to a quality number of individuals, including *you* and that's a great example of how beneficial blogging can really be. You can use blogging to Establish yourself.  

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