WordPress Blogs – Self Hosted Vs Free
WordPress Blogs – Self Hosted Vs Free
If you're eager to start an WordPress blog to promote your company and have discovered that you can start an online blog for free through WordPress You will be pretty attracted to it. I'd like be sure to remind you that there are many distinctions between self-hosted WordPress blog and obtaining a free blog on WordPress.com. Does it really worth your energy and efforts to blogging using a free service? Before you start your blog read this article and evaluate the benefits. The following outline will help you make the right decision. Free Blogs - The Reasons You Should Not Make Use of Them We'll use WordPress blogs as an example. If you're only planning to create a blog the sake of expressing your own ideas and displaying your day-to-day lift activities, and most importantly you'll never make any money with the blog, you may better to choose WordPress.com and register as a user. I will list the two most significant weaknesses which could pose a challenge to a professional blogger who hopes to earn a living through blogging. For one thing, the small resources are a major disadvantage. The remote hosted blog platform is built for hundreds of thousands of bloggers. Because of this, WordPress.com only affords to offer each user the very least resource. Whenever there are many big quantity of tasks happening within the servers, you blog will eventually be at risk of significant crashes. In addition, those who intend to make money from their blog will be surprised to learn that having a blog for free will limit your monetizing opportunities. Unfortunately lọc nước aosmith most (free) remote-hosted blogs are not allowed to use any form of direct marketing including Google AdSense or affiliate links. Self Hosted WordPress Blogs-Seven Benefits of Using Them Aside from the free WordPress blog The fact that you have your own WordPress blog hosted on your own server gives the full control of your blog. You are allowed to add whatever ads and affiliate program you want. It is also possible to customize how the blog look and feels. The explanations of different reasons is sure to make you think.
  1. Liberty: Hosting your own blog will give you full freedom over how your blog is run. You will be provided with your own server area where it is possible to put up everything you like and design how you think fit. This full control gives you greater freedom. The free blog service providers typically place their own ads on your website or blog in order to earn revenues for the service. If you have a self-hosted blog, you can become a publisher in your program like AdSense and begin making income.
  2. WordPress Plugins: Plugins allow easy modification and enhancement of your WordPress blog. They allow you to enhance the capabilities of your blog. If you wish to show the most recent comments posted on your blog, simply integrating the "WP recent comments" plug-in will do the trick for you. There is a free blog service available, it can be extremely limited or even impossible.
  3. Themes Support: The user will only be permitted to use one theme with free service. But, if you decide to go with self-hosted WordPress blog, you can select from thousands of millions of themes that are available in the WordPress communities. You could even request someone to create a custom theme for your blog. The options are limitless.
  4. HDD Storage Like we mentioned in the previous paragraph, you will be given a limited disk space with a free service. This means that you are only allowed to upload a small amount of files. If you plan to make videos and images available that visitors can download from your site, it might appear to be too much. If you have a self-hosted blog you are allowed to choose the hosting plan that is will best suit your needs.
  5. A Feeling of Professionalism: If you care about what your visitors think of you, a self-hosted blog can give your visitors a sense of professionalism. This could be thought of as your credibility and reputation, as the majority of people do not look at this service for free with good eyes. When talking about self hosted blog, most people assume that the owner has paid for the services and is committed to the work and project.
  6. Simple SEO Search engine optimization is essential to success blogging. When your blog's content are best optimized specifically for the search engines they'll be found quickly and get at a higher rank on the search results. With a self-hosted web host of your site, it is much easier to conduct the necessary search engine optimization. For instance, you can get a top rankings by using the All-in-1 SEO WordPress plugin and so on.
  7. Possibility of Resale: Another advantage of your self-hosted website is that you will be allowed to sell your self-owned blog in the event that you choose to sell it for any reason. If you've created your blog using a free blog service, if it is not planning to write content on your blog, you have no choice but to abandon it without any revenue as you do not the sole owner of your blog.

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