Are you a webmaster? Excellent Graphics? Super Content? But... No Traffic? You're not alone In fact, you could count yourself as part of all sites... There is little or no traffic. We offer free help here. Most websites don't get the traffic the need or deserve, many webmasters abandon their site in frustration with their brains on the verge of exploding trying to comprehend all the rules and regulations set out by the big search engines. Back linking that is simple is frowned upon by most all major engines however for you to rank on their search you are expected to have a number of links to your site as the links that link to your site are weighted more significantly by the search engine... therefore, what's a guy or gal to do? If you make submissions directories free of charge, they usually require reciprocal links which means that it's no better than an "Link Exchange Program" which is why the SEs don't appreciate it when you purchase links. In some cases, your site is being penalized. There are also untrustworthy directory owners who will add a "nofollow" tag on your link making it useless to achieve rank. Well before you throw up your hands and curse for the Gods of the Web... before you tear down your lovingly designed blog or website... prior to you deny the world your amazing insight or lose a large income, you should take some time to think about "Article Marketing". Article Marketing has emerged as the most popular method on the internet for building "Search engine friendly" hyperlinks to your website. What is the reason? If you're wondering, the answer is easy and can be summed up in three words "Free simple and efficient" or F.E.E, quite ironic since it's absolutely free. So let's explore this marketing phenomenon, first before we do that, let's debunk the idea that search engines want seeking to "get you", in fact the thing they're trying to enhance your quality search outcomes by changing them to be more pertinent for the search query. one way to do this is to look at the quality of the hyperlinks to a particular site which is to say, are they linked to a website that has content that is relevant to the content of site with which they link. Please for more detail>>>> An example of ineffective back linking is when your blog or website is, let's say extolling the virtues of hiking nature's back roads of North Woods, the link that is hidden in"link exchange" on the "link exchange pages" of a site that serves the primary purpose of selling vacuum cleaners will not get much attention from search engines. O.K. then your next question is "how do I find websites that have content that is relevant to mine that link to my web site"? This is also a simple answer "Give the sites material", "WHAT?" you ask "Give content away" It's that simple, if you create excellent content in the form of an article, other sites will want to "Re-publish" or "Syndicate" it . This means you not only get quality inbound link from the "Article Directory" but also from any site which decides to make use of your content. "So how do start"? Wow, you have the most simple questions to answer, let's go through this step by step... Step One: Produce quality content, many people produce articles that are nothing more than a jumble of repeatedly used keywords. This creates very little or no incentive to other webmasters to publish your content, which means you're missing out on massive opportunities for traffic. Better to write articles that offer the reader a source of information or even entertainment, you could even email articles to their friend (most Article Directories provide this option) thereby increasing your exposure even more. If you feel you don't possess the writing skills needed to write good content or articles, you could always pay an "Ghost writer" to do it for you, a simple search of "article writers" or "writing service" will provide a wide range of writers available Many of them are priced reasonably. You don't need to be Shakespeare or Hemingway to write your own articles however, you must remember to write for readers and not the search engines . Also, make sure you spell-check it. Step 2 Submission of your articles to the Article Directories and many other sites, they're usually cost-free and offer a multitude of services including "Tweet this piece of content" buttons and "Email this Article" etc. These features help to advertise your article to editors looking for great content. You can choose to utilize an "Article Submission Service" which will submit your content to several directories. They will charge a fee for this service , or you can buy software to do it yourself. I would suggest that you try your hand by submitting the initial few independently. Step 3 Third Step: Repeat steps one, two as many times as you can, the greater the number of quality articles you publish the better. But be distinctive and unique with each offering, repeating the same phrases or words in a different order can result in an inauthenticity and directories and publishers will soon tire of your work.

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